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Keno: Frequently Asked Questions

People who are just new to the world of betting and gambling might just know very little about Keno. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Keno.

What is Keno?

Keno is a gambling game comparable to the lottery and bingo. Just like bingo, the winning Keno numbers are drawn from balls numbered one to eighty. For the Keno game, the house will randomly drawn twenty balls from the eighty. The winning numbers are then displayed on monitors in the Keno area of the casino.

How do you play Keno?

This is where the similarity of Keno and the lottery comes in. Just like in playing the lottery, you place a bet in Keno by marking your desired numbers on a Keno ticket. The Keno ticket has the numbers, one to eighty, to match the number of balls being used. You are allowed to pick up to twenty numbers on the Keno ticket. However, experts in Keno know that placing a bet on twenty numbers is not a good move.

So before you pick your numbers, you have to decide how much are you willing to gamble in this Keno game and how many numbers would you like to pick.

How are Keno payoffs computed?

Unlike the lottery and the bingo, Keno payoffs are computed differently. Every casino offering keno as one of the games use their own keno payoff schedule. You have to refer to the Keno brochure to determine the payoff schedule in the casino. At times, the Keno brochure also offers promos and specials on some number combinations.

How do I place a simple Keno bet?

To put it simply, let us consider playing for a six-spot. This means that you will pick only six numbers on your Keno ticket. (This is a safe move. Many Keno experts suggest picking between six to eight numbers.) After marking the Keno ticket, you have to put the amount of your bet. The lowest bet is usually $1. Bring your Keno ticket and your money to the dealer. The Keno dealer will then make a copy of your ticket, keep the original and give you the copy. Check if all the numbers on your copy are correct. After this, all you have to do is wait for the keno draw. Find a seat at the keno lounge where you can conveniently see the screen as the winning numbers are being flashed.

If you win, make sure that you cash out your winnings immediately so you can avoid deductions from your winning. If you'd like to play the same set of numbers again, just hand over your ticket to the dealer along with your money.