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Basics of Keno Etiquette

Keno is a type of casino game that is played solitarily. Surprisingly, the way you play has an effect on other people in the casino. Therefore, here are some rules of keno etiquette that you should consider when playing the game:

The first rule of keno etiquette is to read the keno booklet provided by the casino. This is to prevent you from hogging the ticket counter by asking too many questions on the employee in charge. Basically, a player who asks questions whose answers can already be found in the keno booklet is likely to annoy the players who are waiting in line.

The keno lounge is provided by the casino for you to relax while waiting for the results. The rule of keno etiquette is to properly observe common courtesy while in the lounge. Do not swig on free booze and get drunk afterwards. Not only will it irritate the other players, it will also inhibit your focus and make you bet more money. Also remember to respect the keno lounge of the casino. The room is not for quick naps and nor is it proper to prolong your stay even if you have stopped playing. The keno lounge is strictly for keno players - it is good manners to let other players enjoy it as soon as you are done playing.

Another tip in keno etiquette is to read the expiry date of your ticket, which is usually written at the back part. Some keno tickets are valid only for a single session, and will therefore be invalid if the next session has started. Therefore, with those kinds of ticket, it is obligatory to cash them out immediately.

Some casinos also allow players to play keno even outside the keno lounge. Therefore, some players can play while eating at casino restaurants or enjoying the other facilities of the casino. For this type of service, keno runners roam around the casino yelling "Keno!" These runners are authorized to distribute tickets, carry your bets to the ticket counter and bring your purchase receipt. Although tipping is not obligatory, perhaps you might consider doing so whenever you are positioned far from the ticket booths and they have exerted much physical effort in running your errand.

Following these rules of keno etiquette will ensure that you have much respect for the casino's facilities, players and employees. Keno etiquette focuses on how you should treat those people inside the keno lounge and those people whom you encounter while playing the game.